Building and renewing homes since 1985
             - a local contractor.
             Residential or Commercial
             We can build your new dream home, or remodel to finish your dream.

            Phone: 785-238-3806

            (No fax number is available - please contact via email)

            Cell Phone: 785-210-7225 or

Mailing address: PO Box 3031
Office:  9928 Quarry Rd, Milford KS 66514
Veteran Builder ID 9817
Licensed Roofing Contractor with State of Kansas
Free estimates for Geary County
Joe & Linda Teeter

To Pay On-line, just hover over the tab.

Select the Pay Here button.

It will take you to a page where you enter the amount you're paying and click.

This moves you to the PayPal site. 

On the left re-enter the amount paying and on the right, at the bottom,

click on the "don't have paypal".

This moves you to the page where you'll enter your credit/debit card info. 

Make sure you have the correct tab selected, if it gives a choice.


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Mail: PO Box 3031
Junction City, KS


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